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Split personality (or cleaning house!)

After some long and hard thinking I have decided to split my blog into two. Whilst I’m doing the Blogging101 course it’s become evident that I need to establish my target audience, and at the moment my blog is giving mixed signals, i.e. is it a personal blog or is this my techie blog. I originally started this blog as I’ve mentioned previously, as a way to keep track of technical articles that I find interesting without losing them in a sea of bookmarks. Over the last few days I think I’ve lost sight of that goal by interspersing it with personal writing.

With that in mind I am going to refocus my efforts for this course on developing the technical aspect of my blog whilst retaining my original aim to provide technical content. All the non-techie and more personal stuff I shall be moving to a new blog in a few days time. Hopefully this way I can remain true to my original aims and keep my viewers happy!

I shall make an announcement on here when my personal blog is launched.