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Blogging101: Identify my audience

Here we are on Day four of the Blogging 101 course (actually its day 5 but I’m running behind 🙂 ) and today’s task was to write a post that would connect with my ideal reader. Hmm, that’s a tough one. I was never really sure if anyone would be interested in my ramblings, and my blog was originally created for me as an alternative to bookmarks as I’ve already described, however, having been pushed by the Blogging101 course into stretching my writing I thought I’d talk about a website I found by accident and have used extensively over the past 18 months. As I aimed my blog at helping others, they may also find this site useful.

I like to learn new stuff. That’s just the way I am. I absorb new technologies and skills not because I have to but because I like to. I’m a geek, I can’t help it, I guess that’s a by product of having grown up in a time when my first computer, a Sinclair ZX81, was cutting edge (to give some context, its probably less powerful than the calculator on your smartphone) and then being witness to an explosion of new home computers and video games consoles, growing up on a diet of Amiga and Atari computers before getting my first PC back in 1990 ish.

It was during one of my expeditions into the web to find some new learning material that I stumbled across an online learning website, and yes I know I’ve said before about paying for stuff when there is an abundance of free sites out there, but this site appealed to me for its ease of use and cost of the courses (TIP: never pay the full price for a course, create an account and get on the mailing list they are always offering courses for $10 during so called sales, just be patient!).

The site I’m talking about is Udemy. Who? Yes I’d never heard of them either, but then I started to look through the course catalog. There are hundreds of courses, some great, some not so great. Do your research and you will find some terrific courses on a plethora of subjects, not just technical subjects either, but life skills too. And if you are so inclined, you can create your own course content and become an instructor through the Udemy Teach website.

I’m not affiliated to this site in anyway, other than as a content consumer, and that’s the other thing to be careful of. You can become training obsessed on this site, and spend more time learning than actually doing 🙂 to me that’s a consequence of being able to get good training at such a great price. Don’t just take my word for it, go and read the case studies at About Udemy.

Nearly all of the courses offer free previews, oh I didn’t mention it earlier, these are online video training courses. Go check it out for yourself. Read the reviews, check out similar courses and pick one with an instructor you like. Trust me, picking a course with an instructor who has a boring, unintelligible voice will make the course tedious, a waste of money and you will never complete it!



I like to learn, I hope my readers like to learn, that’s why I created this blog in the first place, and now I can share this other great learning resource with you. I hope you get as much out of it as I do. Enjoy.