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OneMonth Python

Here we go again, as they say. I’m attempting to retake the OneMonth Python course that I started a number of months back, but failed miserably due to it being mainly written on a Mac and not being able to get it to work without significant effort on a PC (it was beyond my python skill level that’s for sure!).

Since then I have managed to acquire a Mac Mini, that is I got back my Mac Mini from my daughter and gave her a laptop instead, and everyone was happy and I have been able to successfully start the course again, and I have to say I’m making good progress.

My Progress - Image

I’ll keep you posted here on how I get on and any pitfalls or challenges I may face.

If you are interested in taking any of the OneMonth education courses you can find them here and if you are interested in watching my progress you can have a look at the app that we are developing as part of the course here l1dge’s Progress.

Update and my Review of OneMonth Python

I finally managed to complete the course!! Whoop!! I’d love to say it was a painless and enjoyable experience as far as online training goes but it wasn’t, I’ve had better, so I thought I’d leave you with my thoughts and a little review.

The course, whilst it didn’t totally suck, I learned a tiny bit of python and a lot of django after all, was so rough around the edges there is no way a beginner could have completed it. Now I’m no programming expert but I’ve been around enough developers to know what to look for and how to fix issues by using the forums and community sites for everything but the most complex issues. However, when I purchased the course it was not mentioned that it was mac only, me originally having a PC to work from caused me more issues than I care to discuss and initially forced me to give up on the course without actually starting any of the actual programming. To their credit, the team at One Month has posthumously added a “Sanity Check: Software Requirements” video now, but it was a bit late for me and I guess some others. I did receive some pointers from the community at the time, but when you spend more time trying to set up your machine to partake in a course than you do actually partaking, then you’ve already lost me. Fortunately as I stated above, I managed to reacquire my Mac Mini and thought I’d have another go.

I can honestly say One Month Python had issues on at least 50% of the lesson videos. Don’t get me wrong, I love the One Month site, in fact I have purchased a few courses from them but this one has left a bitter taste in my mouth. I love the concept of learning something by producing a tangible product and saying “I made this!”, there is no greater satisfaction, be it a web page an app or whatever.

Despite finishing the course and creating a fairly responsive site, there are still a few things missing from the final product i.e. a logoff button, deploying the final app to heroku, missing sections from the css files, hit and miss instructions, missing instructions, some rough and unedited videos (I wondered why the instructor kept putting his hand up to the camera) and the list goes on. Yes I’ve learned some of the skills in the course to do this, and yes I have attempted some of it, so far as deploying my “completed app” to heroku, but it still leaves me longing for more, and doesn’t leave me completely satisfied.

The forums are a bit of a sorry state, lots of users asking why x,y or z doesn’t work and how to fix it, but the “experts” just aren’t there, conspicuous by their absence, only a very helpful user or two seem to be taking the reigns – I applaud you, you know who you are. These great guys will try and help answer some of the questions and even provide solutions, but I’m sure they won’t stick around forever; hell, I’ve even tried to help one user when I realized the course had switched from Python 3 at the start to Python 2.7 half way through. Guess what guys and gals, some stuff just doesn’t work in Python 3, but I guess you knew that which is why you switched back to Python 2.7 half way through the course, would have been nice for a heads up though!!!!

I fixed some of my issues with the help of a couple of the forum posts, bar one, redeploying my virtualenv with python 2.7 and re-installing all the modules required; whether a beginner could have done this is questionable, I had to figure this bit out on my own.


There is also the congratulatory message at the end. I think it’s questionable to use profanity in any professional literature when you are trying to portray a certain brand. Again, maybe I’m just an old git, but when my kids are in the room and this pops up on the screen “Congratulations You F”:*ing did it!!” it’s not the kind of congratulatory message I expect on course completion.

All in all is it a good course? Hmm, yes and no. I certainly know more about Python and Django than I did when I started, you learn a lot from trouble shooting, but did it fulfill my expectations from the first pre-launch webinar, not really. Maybe I set the bar too high and was expecting too much, but I have seen more polished courses on other sites. Has it put me off buying from One Month, for the time being yes. Unless I see a turnaround in the support from the guys selling and supporting the courses I shall look for my continued education elsewhere.