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How to Join 2 avi files….

Post borrowed from Linux Clues

It is usual having an avi film split into two cdrom sized files of 700 megabytes each.

mencoder utility allows us to concatenate these two parts into a new reintegrate file.

mencoder (MPlayer’s Movie Encoder) is a tool MPlayer provides to encode multimedia contents into files.
It supports among others, MPEG-4 video, libavcodec codecs, and PCM/MP3/VBRMP3 audio formats.
mencoder also possesses stream copying abilities and a powerful filter system (crop, expand, flip, ….).

So we have a film split into two files e.g: foo1.avi and foo2.avi, both with the same encoding characteristics (window size, codecs, bitrate…),

We execute this command that produces an output file called foo.avi which is the result of concatenating foo1.avi and foo2.avi files.
$mencoder -oac copy -ovc copy -forceidx foo1.avi foo2.avi -o foo.avi

The command options mean:
* -oac output audio codec
* -ovc output video codec
* -o output file name
* -forceidx forces creation of a new index.
copy means copying the original stream and do not change the codec it is encoded into (because of that it is very fast).

more info executing: $man mencoder


  • Ubuntu and Debian: $sudo aptitude install mencoder
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VMware working on Jaunty!!

After installing VMware from the .bundle you need to re-build the modules. This solution was taken from the following post :

I have the sollution for you.
First you got to remove the broken module:
sudo mv /usr/lib/vmware/modules/binary /usr/lib/vmware/modules/binary.old

then simply rebuild the module.
sudo vmware-modconfig –console –install-all

It should all work. If you have any problems let me know.

PS: Also you need the current headers for your kernel ofcourse and for obvious reasons the build-essential package to be able to build the modules.


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No more crackly sound in Linux!!!!

This has been bugging me for ages, but after searching around google this morning I found the answer. Everytime I was booted into linux I used to get a crackling or hissing noise coming from the speakers constantly, after much searching I’ve found the solution. For my soundcard (HDA Intel Nvidia chipset) the culprit was the Analog Mix channel. In the volume control->preferences I enabled the channel so I could control the volume, then muted the channel. Hey presto, no more crackling!!!! Google is King!!!!