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First Post from within emacs using org2blog/wp

So its been a long while since my last post, but I’ve decided to start posting more regularly to my blog (hopefully!)

I’ve been playing around with various editors recently to try and streamline my workflow, improve my productivity. To that end I think I’ve finally settled on emacs, and although its a steep learning curve I’ve finally started to make headway thanks to various web sources and a lot of help from my great friend Mickey over at (who incidentally is about to publish a great book on emacs!!).

One of the great plugins I’ve found is org2blog/wp and a great blog post that help me set it up at Gabriel Saldaña’s blog.

I also found some useful information that helped to create this post at Pablumfication which I’ve taken the liberty of copying below:

Creating Your First Post

Creating your post really could not be simpler

  • M-x org2blog/wp-login – To Login to your blog.
  • M-x org2blog/wp-new-post – To create a new post.
  • Make your changes in the file.
  • C-x C-s – To save the changes
  • C-c d – To run the command org2blog/wp-post-buffer which if everything has worked successfully will post your post to your blog as a draft. You’ll notice that POSTID (‘#+POSTID: 00000′) will have been prepended to the file.
  • You’ll also be prompted asking if you want to open you’ll new post in the browser. Pressing ‘y’ will do this and if everything has gone well you should see your post.
  • Make changes till your happy with your post.
  • C-c p – To publish your post to be visible to all.

Thats it your done.


So it seems very simple to me once the initial setup is done, that regular blog posting can now occur from directly within emacs, but only time will tell!!
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Apache and public_html directories

I’ve been hacking around with the One Month HTML course and decided to set up a local apache server to play around with my work, but for the life of me I could not get the public_html directory and apache2 userdir setting to work under Arch Linux.

For those of you that have had similar issues it turns out to be a simple fix:

The world execute bit on your home directory needs to be set so that /home/<user> is set to rwxr-x–x and also the same for your public_html directory, i.e. it also needs to be set to rwxr-x–x.

Et voila, html goodness on your own server, now you can test away until you’re ready to put your site into production!!

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Mounting Windows Shares permanently in Linux

So I had a need to mount so NAS shares on my linux box, lets face it who wouldn’t these days with the advent of Plex, these are the basic steps snagged from the Ubuntu wiki and a StackExchange post:

sudo apt-get install cifs-utils
sudo mkdir /media/windowsshare

Then edit your /etc/fstab file (with root privileges) to add this line:

//servername/sharename  /media/windowsshare  cifs  guest,uid=1000,iocharset=utf8,sec=ntlm  0  0


  • guest indicates you don’t need a password to access the share,

  • uid=1000 makes the Linux user specified by the id the owner of the mounted share, allowing them to rename files,

  • iocharset=utf8 allows access to files with names in non-English languages. This doesn’t work with shares of devices like the Buffalo Tera Station, or Windows machines that export their shares using ISO8895-15.

  • If there is any space in the server path, you need to replace it by 40, for example //servername/My40Documents

  • I added the sec=ntlm at the end otherwise I kept getting a (95) error when running the mount -a in the next step.

After you add the entry to /etc/fstab type:

sudo mount -a

This will (re)mount all entries listed in /etc/fstab.

Et Voila, you should now have some shiny new mounted shares under the /media directory.

If you want more detail check out the following posts:

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First Run in a while!

Went out for the first time this year with the intention of getting ready for the GreenPark 10k in May. Did 2.5 miles with my mate Justin, not bad considering I haven’t run in the last 18 months. I’m sure I will feel it tomorrow!!

Bring on the next one!!