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Time Lapse Canon 650D

Time lapse Canon 650D

Created my first Time lapse video whilst messing about in the garden yesterday, as a result take a look over at Youtube, give me a like and subscribe and maybe I’ll upload some more!

Created on my Canon EOS 650D, known as the Canon T4i in the USA. Because I was using the Magic Lantern firmware I was able to set the interval timer set to 10 seconds and record each frame as a RAW file. Consequently I then had to import all of the RAW files into Lightroom, make my colour corrections and adjustments in there. Exported all of the RAW files as a sequential JPEG output and then imported those into Davinci Resolve 15. Video then edited in Davinci Resolve 15, timeline speed adjusted, music supplied from Bensound Royalty Free Music and added to the track, then rendered out to a .MOV and uploaded to Youtube.

This subsequently was a more complex process than I initially thought and took a couple of hours work to process the 630 odd frames captured by the camera during the day. But I think the end result is great for my first attempt.

Coming later this week, look out for my next post and video on how to create this time lapse.

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Time lapse Canon 650D


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