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Emacs and the eternal struggle!

So I’ve really been knuckling down getting to grips with emacs recently, ditching my other editors and forcing myself to focus purely on emacs. And boy am I glad I did.

Emacs and the eternal struggle is more about my eternal struggle with understanding the complexities of this editor, and boy can it be complex for a newbie.

The default emacs environment sucks, it just does, no getting away from that, but with a few tweaks here and there you can have a really great editing / programming environment.

Three resources I’ve found extremely helpful in my quest are these: – a website by my friend Mickey Petersen with an accompanying book (had to give it a plug!)
Uncle Dave – A great emacs playlist, and lots of useful knowledge
Mike Zamansky – another awesome emacs playlist

Between these three resources I’ve now got a much, much better understanding of the inner workings of emacs.

It seems there is a lot more interest in the editor these days, not bad for an editor that’s been around since the 70’s!

I know vi is probably just as old and well supported, but you can never have too many editors to play around with.



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