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Blogging101: New title, new blog

Daily task 2 for the blogging101 course was to rethink my site name and tagline, this post is really just to explain why I originally set up up my blog and why I think my new tagline is so apt!

l1dge’s clipboard

Because sometimes bookmarks just won’t do….

When I originally came to WordPress, it was because I migrated my blog from blogger for more functionality and control. I had originally setup my blog after getting so tired of out of date bookmarks, duplicate bookmarks and just clunky browser bookmarks in general. I tried many bookmark synchronization tools, xmarks / foxmarks / google sync etc and no matter how often I tidied them up and organised them, within a week I had hundreds of duplicated, empty folders which really started to “irritate” me no end, especially when that same list gets replicated across all my browsers.

I thought to myself, what’s an easy way to get the concise information I need, that I may use repeatedly without running the risk of the website disappearing or bombarding me with spam I don’t need.  What I decided to do was when I find a useful article, that has helped me achieve a particular task, e.g. fix a hard drive, graphics tearing in linux etc. I’d copy the article to my blog, with a reference to the original owner and a link back to their site, so that i had the content I needed when I wanted it.

Some would say “why not use evernote / onenote / other tools to do this” and my answer is, if this piece of information helped me, it may help others, and I’d like to think that my blog was a way to do that without running the risk of the original site disappearing. If I can’t remember the original article or find the bookmark I can just refer to my blog.

Hopefully you guys will understand the method in my madness, some of you may even say “well why didn’t you just do x,y,z” and my answer to that one is ” The beauty of the internet is that it allows me to do things that work for me, without being forced to use some outdated clunky tool imposed on me by ‘someone that knows better’; I’m in control of my blog and what gets posted, I only have myself to blame if something goes belly up!! “

So there you go, my reason for existing at this site, and why I changed the tagline, hope you find it useful 🙂


I am and have been an Oracle dba for the past twenty something years, with a few deviations to dabble in other areas. I’m certified (or is that certifiable) in both Oracle 10 and 11G OCP. I’m an “old skool” hacker at heart in the traditional sense, pulling apart bits of kit to see how they work, mainly with the intention of fixing it, mostly with the outcome of breaking it! I like toying with hardware, software and new technologies and love Linux, although Windows 10 is looking pretty slick too. I have a keen interest in reading / writing and electronics, and occasionally snap a few photos. If I can help you I will, so if you have any questions feel free to ask by using my contact form. -Lee And now for the disclaimer: Anything I write here is my own opinion and does not represent the view of any company I work for now or have worked for in the past.

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