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MPD and Alsa

So after upgrdaing to Arch Linux (an event in itself), I had issues with MPD not being able to talk to the soundcard. In the mpd log I was seeing errors like “Failed to open device HW:0,0” or “Failed to open [Alsa] device”. Now after a couple of days of scratching around I suddenly had a light bulb moment, “was the mpd user in the audio group???” I checked and it wasn’t, so a quick “sudo vigr” and hey presto I had sound working again.
What threw me during the diagnosis of this, was that running ‘speaker-test -c2‘ from the command line was producing sound so it led me to believe it had to be localised to mpd.

Anyway, that’s another problem solved!!

Now I can get back to working on a post on how to configure the Awesome Window manager.


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