SQL*Plus on Windows (Part 1)

Welcome to Part 1 in a series of articles on running SQL*Plus on the Windows platform. Did you know that SQL*Plus under Windows is often preferred to its Unix equivalent? There are many ways to configure SQL*Plus to suit your …

SQL Server Backups

So,  I’ve been asked to review red-gate vs litespeed vs native SQL backups.  Having never used either non-Microsoft product this could prove interesting! Opinions?

Checkpoint Secure Remote

To change the mode of Checkpoints Secure Remote so you can do a “Right-click -> Connect” on the icon in systray, run this in a command prompt cd Program FilesCheckPointSecuRemotebinscc.exe setmode con And this should solve your problem.

Possibly fix access issue on citrix.

KBAlertz.com: When you open an Access database, you may receive the following error message: Microsoft Access couldn’t find file ‘ system.mdw ‘. This file is required for startup Note The name of the file System.mdw may be different. When you …