Hosting Provider Migration

I have to apologise profusely for the site being down over the last few days, when moving a number of domains and my hosting provider some issues were encountered which took down the blog for a while! All migrated now …

Mass renaming Directories from the command shell

I needed to rename a lot of directories from ‘S0?’ to ‘Season ?’ found an easy way of doing this from the command line: find /media/ -type d -iname ‘S0?’ -exec renamexm -s/S0/Season /g {} ;

It’s Aliveeeee!!!!!

I’m back, Linux machine restored to full health. It wasn’t the power supply directly but a dodgy fan causing it to overheat.

Linux Machine is dead…..

Well I’m currently blogging from my old G5 iMac, the power supply in my PC is dead and will be until I can get some time to replace it. Keep checking back for more posts.