SQL*Plus on Windows (Part 1)

Welcome to Part 1 in a series of articles on running SQL*Plus on the Windows platform. Did you know that SQL*Plus under Windows is often preferred to its Unix equivalent? There are many ways to configure SQL*Plus to suit your …

How many techies feel like this!

How many techies out there feel like this!! When a client calls and says they have a performance issue…… » http://ow.ly/QePGf   Check out more fun posts over at dbareactions.com/

e-DBA and Club Oracle

Currently at the e-DBA (@e_DBA) hosted Club Oracle with Jason Arneil (@jarneil),  Jonathan Lewis (@JLOracle) and Dominic Giles (@dominic_giles) in London.  Follow the event on Twitter #cluboracle.

AWR Slideshows

Having seen Mike Aults presentation at OpenWorld this morning, I thought I’d share the link to some excellent slideshow presentations he has done on AWR and Tuning. http://www.slideshare.net/texasmemorysystems/using-awr-for-sql-analysis-8237394