e-DBA and Club Oracle

Currently at the e-DBA (@e_DBA) hosted Club Oracle with Jason Arneil (@jarneil),  Jonathan Lewis (@JLOracle) and Dominic Giles (@dominic_giles) in London.  Follow the event on Twitter #cluboracle.

SQL Server Backups

So,  I’ve been asked to review red-gate vs litespeed vs native SQL backups.  Having never used either non-Microsoft product this could prove interesting! Opinions?

First Run in a while!

Went out for the first time this year with the intention of getting ready for the GreenPark 10k in May. Did 2.5 miles with my mate Justin, not bad considering I haven’t run in the last 18 months. I’m sure …

EE you suck!

So, having enabled roaming for eu and the USA when back in Blighty, it still appears that I can’t make calls home from abroad. I can receive them ok, but that isn’t much use is it!