First Post from within emacs using org2blog/wp

So its been a long while since my last post, but I’ve decided to start posting more regularly to my blog (hopefully!) I’ve been playing around with various editors recently to try and streamline my workflow, improve my productivity. To …

e-DBA and Club Oracle

Currently at the e-DBA (@e_DBA) hosted Club Oracle with Jason Arneil (@jarneil),  Jonathan Lewis (@JLOracle) and Dominic Giles (@dominic_giles) in London.  Follow the event on Twitter #cluboracle.

SQL Server Backups

So,  I’ve been asked to review red-gate vs litespeed vs native SQL backups.  Having never used either non-Microsoft product this could prove interesting! Opinions?

First Run in a while!

Went out for the first time this year with the intention of getting ready for the GreenPark 10k in May. Did 2.5 miles with my mate Justin, not bad considering I haven’t run in the last 18 months. I’m sure …

EE you suck!

So, having enabled roaming for eu and the USA when back in Blighty, it still appears that I can’t make calls home from abroad. I can receive them ok, but that isn’t much use is it!